Rebalance your cellular pulse

Reclaim your natural beauty

Regenerate with non-invasive energy



Rebalance your cellular pulse

Reclaim your natural beauty

Regenerate with non-invasive energy

#BinaryPremium, more than technology… an essential partner

We celebrate the anniversary of the #BinaryPremium launch with optimal financing conditions* through the RÖS’S & RENT Plan.

Diathermy, electrolifting, electrostimulation, and compatibility with innovative#HandsFreeBracelets.

Dozens of beauty and wellness professionals already work with the
Binary Method:

  1. Because its results are documented and endorsed by professionals of all kinds.
  2. Because it is manufactured by RÖS’S and is a guarantee of good service.
  3. Because I believe it is a technology that will grow my business.
  4. Because of its good performance/price ratio.
  5. Because I trust my sales representative, and they recommended it to me.

*Financing conditions subject to feasibility study. 

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    Binary Method

    Medically endorsed, capacitive and resistive diathermy accelerates dermal recovery by acting from within the cells. In combination with these two technologies, the Binary system implements the protocol with electrolifting in facial treatments, electroremodeling, and electrofirming in body treatments.

    PHASE 1

    Capacitive bio-stimulation

    More specific action on the dermis and muscles.

    Induction of local hyperthermia activates the generation of collagen and elastin.

    PHASE 2

    Resistive bio-stimulation

    More specific action on dense, fatty, and fibrotic tissues.

    Optimal for treatments of recovery or reduction of adipose tissue.

    PHASE 3

    Electrolifting: Specific action on elongated or retracted facial muscles. Recovery of muscle tone. Recuperación de tono muscular.

    Electro-lipolysis: Lipolytic action.

    Electro-firming: Firming action.

    #BinaryChallenge. Our success stories speak for us.


    My clients are delighted with the Binary treatment, both aesthetically and in terms of well-being. For me, it is an essential tool, both facial and body.

    Barbara Jorquera Center

    Platja d'Aro (Girona)

    We rely on technology to differentiate ourselves and offer treatments close to excellence. Having the support of a partner like RÖS’S is priceless.

    New Image Center


    The Binary System has greatly helped my patients with dyspareunia through pelvic floor treatment. So much so that I am focusing my knowledge and my doctorate on scientifically documenting my results.

    Ana Abelló Salut i Bellesa de la dona


    Our students learn with the most cutting-edge technology. We are always at the forefront. That’s why we have chosen Binary Premium, the latest model from RÖS’S.

    Consuelo Silveira


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