Mastering Electrotherapy in Aesthetics: NewDerma’s Masterclass in Portugal

May 14, 2024
Electrotherapy has gained significant importance in the Aesthetic Health market, particularly in treating conditions such as cellulite, localized fat, circulatory dysfunctions, and sagging skin. However, its proper application requires a deep understanding and absolute mastery of the mechanisms of action of the technologies, as well as the appropriate use of parameters to ensure both effectiveness and patient safety.

With the outstanding participation of Prof. Marta Silva, an expert in Functional Physiotherapy, and Diogo Brandão, a specialist in Advanced Aesthetics, the Masterclass presented an unparalleled opportunity to delve deeply into the use of ultrasound, electrostimulation, radiofrequency/TECAR Therapy, pressotherapy, and other electrotherapy resources in the aesthetic field. The event, organized in collaboration with our representative in Portugal, NewDerma, combined both theoretical and practical aspects, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of these technologies and their application in body treatments.

We are delighted to have collaborated in NewDerma’s Masterclass in Electrotherapy in Body Aesthetics, which took place on May 12th in Porto and May 13th in Lisbon. Aimed at professionals in aesthetics and cosmetics, as well as nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, or doctors, your role was fundamental in enriching this space of learning and exchange . The full program was available at this link >

We hope to have shared knowledge and experiences that have enhanced your professional practice!
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