Reducing Physioactive Massage

Reducing Physioactive Massage

#RollactionSystem, the physioactive massage inspired by the hands of professionals

Dozens of beauty and wellness professionals are already using the Rollaction System. These are the reasons why Rollaction has inspired our competitors and gained the trust of the expert community:

  1. It is the original equipment with the most competitive motor performance in resistance and speed (55W of force and 140 revolutions per minute of speed).
  2. Its compressive massage is 100% natural, so it has the same contraindications as manual massage.
  3. It protects the professional’s hands from the wear of daily massage and protects the back from poor postures.
  4. Enhances the manual technique of each professional and allows customization of the treatment, making each session unique.
  5. Fidelizes clients due to its effectiveness and the absence of a rebound effect.
  6. Its price is the most competitive in its category.
  7. All its components are manufactured in the European Economic Community (EEC).
  8. Medically endorsed by Dr. Cruz Domingo, registered with the Official College of Medicine of Barcelona (Nº. 19769).

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    Rollaction technology reinvents manual massage to protect and enhance the hands of massage therapists and beauty professionals in general. Its intense compressive massage affects the dermal, vascular, and muscular levels, activating the necessary processes for volume reduction, circulatory activation, and lymphatic drainage. All this occurs naturally, progressively, and without rebound effects.

    • Vascular action: Improves venous circulation and activates lymphatic drainage.
    • Dermal action: Provides extra nutrients and oxygen to the skin.
    • Muscular action: Restores volume and shape to the musculature.

    Created in 2009 by RÖS’S Estética, it is now a reference system in the sector for the most demanded treatments.


    Anticellulite programs treat each cellulite based on its stage, adapting speed and depth according to the degree of edema.


    The specific compressive action of the reducing program unpacks fat, strengthens muscle tone to facilitate reduction, and enhances drainage simultaneously.


    The activator program is the preventive par excellence. It is applied in a generalized and integral manner. It promotes circulatory activation, increases nutrition, and restores vital functions to the cells of all tissues.


    The reducing program is the star Rollaction program. It combines a dual action: working on adiposity and muscle improvement.

    With both actions, we prepare the fat for easier elimination and strengthen the musculature, which is responsible for transforming that fat into energy later.


    The sports program, shorter but very intense in speed, is perfect for accelerating oxygen supply and improving post-exertion muscle recovery.


    The decontracting program is precise and gentle. Its function is pain relief so that the subsequent work with the physiotherapist is more effective and manageable.

    #RollactionChallenge. Our success stories speak for us.

    Abdominal reduction treatment

    20 sessions

    Laura Tudela

    Plocher Beauty Concept (Fuengirola, Málaga)


    Remodeling treatment

    10 sessions

    María Antonia Rosés (Albaida, Valencia)


    Anticellulite treatment

    8 sessions

    Patricia Santos

    El Salón de Patri (Coín, Málaga)



    The Rollaction technology has been key in the loyalty of my clients. It is very powerful to change the lives of people with great body complexes. Facing those challenges has made me grow as a professional.

    Iris Palencia


    At Vanessa Molina Ecoestética, the most important thing is to respect natural beauty. Rollaction has allowed us to remain faithful to our philosophy and benefit from the advantages of technology.

    Vanessa Molina


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