RÖS’S launches its PLAN RENOVE ROLLACTION campaign

March 01, 2023

We activate our Circular Economy Plan with the Plan Renove campaign. Thanks to this we will be able to give a second life to the Rollaction equipment that you have already amortized:

1️⃣ WE innovate, manufacture and distribute.

2️⃣ YOU provide value and, after amortization, we collect the equipment and deliver a new, more modern, more versatile and advanced model.

3️⃣ WE recycle it and give it a second life.

For and to promote the protection of the planet, this ROLLACTION RENOVE PLAN is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and is valid in the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands until 31/07/2023.

Check the conditions with your RÖS’S representative or call (34) 93 4266017.

> More information in this video:

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