Transforming aesthetics with Binary Premium

October 30, 2023

Our star technological platform, Binary Premium, has been highlighted in the recent technical dossier “Multifunction Platforms. High-Tech Alliances” published by Nueva Estética magazine.

The dossier highlights the importance of having advanced technologies, such as radiofrequency, ultrasound, laser, electrostimulation, hydrofusion, which play a fundamental role in a variety of facial and body treatments. For beauty centers and medical consultations, having a high-quality technological arsenal has become an unbeatable differential advantage.

In this context, Binary Premium by RÖS’S ESTÉTICA emerges in this new era of aesthetic innovation. This unique platform fuses capacitive and resistive diathermy delivery with electrostimulation, offering exceptional versatility. In facial treatments, it is transformed into an electrolifting, while in body programs it becomes an electro-remodeling and electro-firming tool.

What makes Binary Premium stand out even more is its effectiveness, speed and security. Designed for aesthetic, pre- and post-surgery treatments, physiotherapy and general well-being, the equipment offers 30 free programs and three work modes: aesthetics, physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine.

The mention in the Nueva Estética dossier underlines RÖS’S ESTÉTICA’s commitment to excellence and the ability to provide advanced solutions that extraordinarily accelerate and improve treatment results.

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