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About RÖS’S…

Any investment in technology is a decision that requires certain consideration. We know the smooth running of your business depends on the fact you can count on  long-term support, with a  service guarantee,  commitment to proximity  and  fantastic results.

Below are some  frequently asked questions  which you may just be considering before partnering with us by purchasing our  advanced beauty devices:

Who is RÖS’S?
A technology manufacturer for beauty salons, wellness centres, physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine clinics. It is also a manufacturer of OEM/OBM custom technology.
Where is RÖS’S Estética based?

Its factory and head offices are based in Castelldefels, in the province of Barcelona, Spain. It also has branches in Valencia and Madrid, as well as numerous official distribution and service points spread throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia.

C/Molinot, 46-48, Pol. Camí del Ral
08860 Castelldefels – Barcelona (Spain)

C/ Maudes 51, 8ª planta, Despacho nº822
28003 Madrid (Spain)

Geminis Center
Avda. Corts Valencianes, 39, Despacho nº40
46015 Valencia (Spain)

Where can I buy RÖS’S Estética products?

RÖS’S has several official distribution points staffed by highly trained and capable personnel in the areas of training, sales and after-sales service. To contact your nearest distribution point click here.

Who produces RÖS’S Estética's technology?

RÖS’S has its own divisions for Research and Development (R&D) and advanced beauty device manufacturing. These divisions include a total of 9 engineers, alongside the team in charge of reviewing and monitoring the manufacturing processes (Quality Control Department). They operate across 300m2 inside the full 5,500m2 of our facilities based in Castelldefels (Barcelona).

As well as being certified “Designers, manufacturers and suppliers of electro-medical and electro-aesthetic equipment”, we are a European OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) manufacturer, meaning we also develop aesthetic equipments for other leading brands in the professional beauty industry.

What quality guarantees are offered by RÖS’S Estética technology?

All RÖS’S products are subject to the safety controls stipulated in EEC Regulations and included in the Electrical Safety Directive 2006/95, as detailed in their Certificate of Conformity.

The RÖS’S Quality Management System is certified, both by the ISO Standard 9001 (compiled by the International Organization for Standardization) and the ISO 13485 (specific to quality management systems for medical devices), therefore guaranteeing an internationally recognised quality management standard.

On a domestic level, we have been approved by public authorities through the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, which granted us manufacturer licence no. 4713-PS.

What is RÖS’S Estética's track record in the aesthetic equipments sector?

A company’s history and trajectory are crucial in providing the foundations needed to deliver a rapid, efficient response, as well as the knowledge required to fulfil any support needs which arise following an investment in technology.

Since its establishment in 1978, RÖS’S Estética has been striving to provide beauty professionals with the effective technological tools they need to improve their treatments and make the most of their time. RÖS’S has become a leading manufacturer in the sector on the basis of its innovations and value contribution, and is now an essential partner for hundreds of beauty salons and aesthetic medicine centres.

What types of technology does RÖS’S Estética produce?

RÖS’S has marketed as many as 78 different technology models, both as its own brand and for third parties. It has also developed a range of constantly evolving product lines designed to provide the best possible solution for every professional.

Premium Line

Protocols designed for cosmetic and therapeutic application. Technologies that produce results under medical practitioner supervision.

Classic Line

Mix of energies for aesthetic applications on the face and body. A wide range of product possibilities for professionals to choose from depending on their business’ commercial approach.

Smart Line

High quality basic equipments designed for tight spaces. Compact and manageable.


  • PRESS G3Pressotherapy for draining and removing toxins.
  • COMPLETProfessional facial care technology.
  • MESOBIOLIFT RFRadiofrequency and virtual mesotherapy for facial and body treatments.
  • MY SEKRETRadiofrequency for facial and body treatments.
  • US1Ultrasound sculpting and anti-cellulite technology.
  • DEPILPLUS 13MHzÀ la carte electrical hair removal.
  • DEPILPLUS 3MHzElectrical body and facial hair removal in the places thermolysis, electrolysis and blend photodepilation won’t reach.
  • KESTOS T2Reduction and firming treatments with integral thermo-stimulation.
  • TEI SYSTEMAesthetic medicine technology for integral body treatments.
  • ROLLACTIONPhysioactive massage system.
  • BINARY PREMIUMAdvanced technology combining diathermy and electro-stimulation.
  • DIODO 2000/5 – Unwanted hair removal with maximum speed without losing efficiency. 
  • TERMOBEAUTY – 448kHz diathermy technology committed to responsible beauty. 
What warranty is provided?

The warranty period will depend on legislation in force in the country of purchase. Our warranty for repairs is six months.

If I have purchased a used device, are my warranty conditions the same?

When you purchase a used RÖS’S device, the purchase contract (colloquially known as a warranty) will not cover you. All your repairs will be carried out according to a prior quote. We recommend that you contact us before making any decision if you are based in Spain, or get in touch with your official representative if you are located elsewhere.

If I use a device under a shared-operation agreement, does the RÖS’S service work the same?

If you are a salon offering RÖS’S treatment but the device you are using is not yours, you will have access to geolocation and advertising material to promote your services. If you own the technology and you bought it at an official point of sale, all free RÖS’S services will be available to you.

Do you have a financing service?

RÖS’S offers direct financing services in Spain, with a range of financial entities in order to find the option that best suits each customer. We also help you with the amortisation calculation and planning the return on your investment.

I need urgent technical support, how do I contact the factory?

You can access our online technical report filing service and your request will be registered by the RÖS’S headquarters and sent to your nearest Technical Support Service, or you can contact us by emailhere o por teléfono (93 426 60 17).

I'd like a free demonstration, how do I get in touch with my sales representative?

You can request a free demo of any of our products via the orange Request Demo button on our website. You will find it at the bottom of the information sheet about the product you’re interested in. We are also available to you via our contact form.

Professional services for aesthetics…

What are the free services when I acquire aesthetic technology
Am I entitled to free marketing advice for my salon?

Yes, our Marketing Department, is committed to your professional growth and will provide you with a range of resources and you can access at:

  • face-to-face training sessions in different locations throughout Spain,
  • request free-to-use images for your website, designs for your social media channels, editable artwork for your window displays, and textiles for treatment cubicles,
  • our customer geolocation service to enhance your visibility and image,
  • as well as online support and advice via social media channels, where our experts will answer your questions and share information to resolve your doubts using our Binary and Rollaction (exclusive area for professionals)
Where can I find supporting information and videos to improve my treatments?

After purchasing your aesthetic device from an official RÖS’S point of sale, you will have access to our Professional Area via our website, where you will find the full range of supporting documents (application and operation manuals, protocols, tutorials, published articles, case studies,… etc.) as well as digital promotional materials.

I bought a used professional aesthetic device, can I access RÖS'S services?

Access to our free services, including training, is granted only with the acquisition of RÖS’S technology from official points of sale. However, if you have a RÖS’S device you are part of our company. All our services are available to you upon payment of a fee.

What types of training does RÖS’S offer?

RÖS’S offers a range of face-to-face and online training formats. When you purchase your device, you will always receive hands-on and theoretical training with one of our experts to learn how to use the equipment. We recommend you do so at our facilities, particularly when dealing with Binary equipments. We have an international network of expert coaches ready to assist you.

If you feel like you would benefit from retraining, providing you purchased your device at an official point of sale, your training at one of our facilities in Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona will always be free of charge. However, if you purchased a used device or you are unable to travel to a RÖS’S facility, you may decide to take a training session at your salon. Ask for prices.

Beyond the basic training, we also have advanced formats including professional retraining and specialist seminars.

If you are in Spain, take a look at our training calendar.

If you are based outside Spain, please consult your official representative in your country. If you would like to be put back in touch with your representative, let us know here.

How can I get hold of my device's documentation?

If you have purchased your device in recent years, you can download all the related documentation by registering in the Professional Area. If your device is over 10 years old, you can request documentation via our contact address and we will email it to you.

If you’re a user…

Where can I get a RÖS’S treatment?

Our geolocation system provides you with a map of registered centres. Take a look by clicking here.

How can you guarantee a RÖS’S treatment will work?

Professionals using RÖS’S technology have been trained by our expert staff in the diagnosis, use and application of our full range of technologies. They are aware of the drawbacks and are more than willing to deliver treatments according to their customers’ demands.

What safety guarantees are provided?

RÖS’S beauty devices all comply with the current legislation as stipulated by EEC and ISO standards. The supporting documents are made public and available to view at this link.

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