Great Success at the 2024 National Distributors Meeting!

February 02, 2024
Recently, we celebrated a highly successful event, the Annual National Distributors Meeting, held at the RÖS’S ESTÉTICA headquarters in Castelldefels, Barcelona.

Carlos Moliner, the CEO of RÖS’S Estética, kicked off the day by highlighting the company’s mission and vision, setting the tone for a day filled with innovation and collaboration.

The day continued with a presentation by Yol Rodriguez, our new addition as Global Sales Manager, who will bring her expertise and leadership to further strengthen our global presence in the aesthetic equipment market.

Jaume Condemines, the Director of Engineering, shared valuable insights into how the company approaches certifications, implements improvements, and plans new projects. His presentation provided distributors with a clear view of the technical excellence that underpins every product and service of RÖS’S ESTÉTICA.

Physiotherapist Anna Abelló laid the scientific foundations for our team leader in ultraremodeling, the Rollsystemic. Her in-depth knowledge of the system’s functionality provided a clear understanding of the effectiveness and innovation behind our products.

Noelia Casanovas, the Director of Consultancy, conducted a detailed presentation, showcasing how scientific evidence directly translates into cabin treatments. This comprehensive and scientific approach underpins each of our services, ensuring remarkable results for our clients.

Despite the physical distance, we were honored to have the virtual participation of Mina, a loyal RÖS’S customer since 2009, who shared her love for the RollSystemic. Her digital testimony is a compelling testament to the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers over time.

We want to express our sincere thanks to all the distributors who attended; their presence and support are crucial to achieving our common goal: IMPROVING PEOPLE’S LIVES. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of aesthetic equipment, providing innovative solutions that transform and enhance the aesthetic experience for everyone. Thank you for being part of this exciting journey with RÖS’S ESTÉTICA!
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